Piano Tuning Services Keep Your Piano In Tune So You Can Make Beautiful Music

If you or your child want to learn the piano, you'll probably want to buy a piano for your home. Whether you buy a new or used one, you'll need to have it tuned after it's moved and delivered. You'll also need to tune the piano regularly over its lifetime. Here are things to know about piano tuning services. A Piano May Need Tuning Once A Year Or More Often [Read More]

Why The Violin Is A Great Option For Kids To Learn

If you are trying to get your child to enjoy and learn a musical instrument, then you may think it will be easier to convince them with a more popular option, like the guitar or drums. While those certainly do offer their own benefits, they also have some drawbacks that are hard to see from the outside. While it is certainly harder to master, you should consider enrolling your child in violin music lessons so that they can avoid some of those pitfalls and really challenge themselves to become the best musician that they can possibly be. [Read More]

3 Ways Screenwriters Can Learn from Songwriting Interviews

In the entertainment industry, you will come across many types of writers. While certain sections of writers will rarely cross paths, you could find a lot of common interests when you explore genres and forms of writing. If you're a screenwriter, you may not know much about the world of songwriting, but you could learn a lot of lessons from a songwriter. The lessons you take directly from songwriting could apply to your everyday writing of movies, television shows, and other screenplays. [Read More]

Tuned In: How To Choose The Best Music Instructor For Your Child

When it comes to music instruction for a child, many parents think about finding a teacher who has the best academic credentials in music instruction or who has the most experience. However, while experience and credentials matter, the best music instructor for your child is one who will interact well with your child and who will be sensitive to your child's unique learning style and skill level. The right teacher will be tuned into your child's needs and will make your child feel confident when learning. [Read More]